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30 March 2010

Here Are a Few Tips To Get You Started In The World Of Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of luck and chance but you will increase your chances of winning BIG if you play it clever, and use a few bingo tips and tricks.

Bingo tip number 1

A bingo sign-up bonus may is money for nothing, but do not waste it away just because it's free. Instead, use your bonus cash to research all the different games on site and to gain a feel of the bingo site before you decide to deposit your hard earned cash.

Bingo tip number 2

My advice is to save your BIG plays for the BIG jackpots!

Most websites have progressive Jackpots that drop (when someone wins) at a consistent level amount. When you see a big jackpot drop (being won) record the amount with a post it note and stick it on your computer. Once you have seen it go at the same level a number of times, then you know when the jackpot has hit its peak.

This is when you need to put in a 'big play' and buy a larger number of Bingo cards!

Bingo tip number 3

Bonuses are an important aspect of selecting a bingo hall, it can mean the difference to signing up to a site or not. Basically the more bonuses that is given the better! This means you get more money from whatever you deposit (up to a 200% extra) and therefore makes your cash stretch longer and increases your chances of winning without spending more to do so, this can not be bad! However this should not be the only determining factor when choosing a bingo site, so you should shop around and use this guide to help you decide.

Another positive factor is more and more bingo sites are offering incentives to retain your custom by offering bonuses on second or all deposits for life. These tend to be in the region of a 50% bonus. So if lets say you deposit £50, you would end up with £75 to play with. Therefore you always get more for your money.

There is a great deal of information on bonuses on this site, so have a read and grab the best bingo bonuses you can!

Here Are a Few More Tips To Help You Succeed In The World Of Online Bingo

Try to avoid overcrowded bingo games, your chances of winning are maximized in games where players are well balanced, but not to little.

Join an online bingo community, there is a free bingo community you can join on this site; here you can receive advice and tips from other players - and it makes the whole experience even more fun. You will also make lots of friends and allies this way - you can not beat free advice and tips!

Play online bingo where the chat specials are the best, this will allow you to win extra bonuses, see Our reviews for advice on the best sites available for chat.

You can double your playing money by looking for the best deposit bonuses, you can see who gives the largest bonuses in our bingo offers section.

You chances of winning will be improved if you play more online betting cards, save up your cards for the big jackpot games, keep a record of when a jackpot drops so the next time it comes around you will be ready to strike.

The largest online jackpots tend to be won on Friday and Saturday nights around 8 – 11pm, this is the optimum time to play more cards.

Many online bingo sites gives you the option to change your cards if you don't like them, feel free to do so if you think they look unlucky!

Play Bingo only at well known online bingo sites, or sites that have been reviewed - bingo reviews. This will guarantee that you get paid out if you win, and receive the support you need when required.

Feel free to input your bingo tips and tricks into the members forum, you never know you might find a great tip there for yourself! Also be sure to join our free bingo club.

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