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Every now and again, time comes when we want to try our luck instantly – and what better way to do so than to buy a scratch card and see our luck for the day. The concept of instant win games became a success ever since its inception, and with the arrival of online casinos came a new potential for the development and spreading of scratch cards. Nowadays, their popularity is growing at a pace that’s difficult to catch up with and they rightfully deserve their separate section on this site.

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Online Scratch Cards

It’s interesting how short a way it was for scratch cards to get from a paper form that we had to buy from kiosks or our local lottery sellers, to the online environment, where they’ve seen their renaissance. It is thanks to the technology that we can now enjoy an online scratch card from the comfort of our home, without having to queue or watch how we scratch so we don’t damage the paper.

For some, online scratch cards don’t have that magical touch as their paper counterparts. Some say that jackpots aren’t as high as when you buy a scratch card in a kiosk. However, a grand majority of people realizes their advantages, including the fact that you win more regularly on online scratch cards.

Major Features of Online Scratch Cards

Believe it or not, their simplicity is what actually makes online scratch cards so desirable. They require no skill whatsoever, so they allow for instant satisfaction of the urge to gamble. Their potential was realized by online software developers in the mid 90s, when they started including them into their offering. From thence on, the demand for scratch cards has only bloomed.

One of the major benefits of online scratch cards is the range of options they give to players – they can choose to either scratch themselves or opt for auto scratch; there are scratch cards that come in a variety of denominations for all playing habits – all you have to do is use the Plus or Minus button to determine the amount of your preferred wager; they also come in a whole host of themes, including sports themes, entertainment, TV and movies, history, adventure, casino, but there are also branded scratch cards which always attract attention.

Apart from the obvious advantages such as easy accessibility and variety, online scratch cards have another benefit – once you win something, the money’s going to be in your account instantly, so you can dispose with it as you wish. This is something you don’t have in actual, paper scratch cards, and is considered to be one of the major reasons why more and more players nowadays opt for online scratch cards rather than the traditional ones.

If all this sounds interesting to you and you wish to give this game a try, check out the scratch card offering below and enjoy your play!


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BingoG BingoG £3000 8xb Trial
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