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For those Bingo fanatics out there looking for a huge variety of Bingo games then Tombola is certainly an excellent place to start. The company behind Tombola Bingo have been involved in the Bingo industry for over 40 years and have put every ounce of this knowledge into their fantastic bingo site which is constantly evolving with new and exciting features.


The sites self-proclaimed aim is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for players of all experiences and the excellent customer service team are on hand to ensure that this goal is fulfilled. Tombola has strayed away from traditional colours which has set it aside in a positive way from competitors, this is also reflected in the additional games you can find at their site.

Registering with the site is extremely easy and can be completed in minutes by simply following the links on the homepage. All you have to do is provide some basic information to identify yourself, create a login and password, and you'll be up and running before you know it. When you feel ready to start playing you can deposit as little as £10 to get started immediately.


There are so many different game formats available at Tombola Bingo; it's difficult to know where to start. For the purist of Bingo players there are the usual 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball games with free bingo  and over fourty pay to play rooms with tickets starting from just 1p each. Jackpots for the standard games often creep up into the thousands with progressive jackpots reaching even higher.

For the less experienced of players there are even "Bingo on a Budget" games. Bingo lite follows a similar format to the popular 90 ball offerings at a fraction of the price. Tickets for Bingo Lite start at only 2p with strips being available for 10p. If you are new to the game then this is an excellent place to learn the ropes. Jackpots for the Lite games are fixed at £100 which, at 2p a ticket, provides amazing value for money.

For those players looking for a quick break away from the Bingo hall, Tombola also provide alternative games to get your teeth in to. Games such as Rollercoaster, Cinco and Battleships provide excellent light hearted entertainment and the chance to win up to £2500. Battleships for example is modelled around the hugely popular Battleships board based strategy game. You are provided with the familiar grid and have to pick and choose your moves around the board trying to sink your opponent's ships. Every online game costs 50p, and if you can sink all four Battleships within 15 moves then you could be in the running for the daily Battleships jackpot of £2.5k.

These alternative games provide an excellent welcome break during an evening of Bingo and all work to enhance the variety and draw of the Tombola Bingo site.


All new players are treated to a generous deposit bonus, but no additional bonus is available on reloads. Tombola isn't the best site for offers and promotions but they make up for it with a steady supply of big bingo games with impressive jackpots. The site is so busy that the pot sizes in the standard games are always pretty healthy anyway.

Our Verdict

Tombola bingo has built a powerhouse of a site, people flock to it in their thousands because they provide a great range of bingo and unique games. Over £4 million is won every week at Tombola, which goes some way to show how many games are played at the site. Leave your Tombola bingo review below and earn bingo reviewer points.

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by: hubble over 7 years ago
I love the bingo here, and if you've had enough, you can always play Rollercoaster. Good site.
by: FridayFree over 7 years ago
Tombola was actually the first site I've tried and after 6 months of playing online, I still think that it's the best site
by: Bonderage over 7 years ago
There was a time when a 10p bingo game had a jackpot of £2,600! And a lot of the games here have a higher payout than that.
by: GilmoreLad over 7 years ago
Like me, you will be awed by the game variety on Tombola. It is a good way not to get bored!
by: bonniebops over 4 years ago
They have some seriously interesting options to choose from when it comes to bingo at this site. As an added perk, they have a pretty decent welcome offer for signing up as well. Just for depositing £10, they'll give you £20 free, for a total of £30 to play with. Make sure you don’t miss out on a unique game of Bingo Lite. In this game, you have your choice between six game rooms; fluff, feather, fizz, breeze, cloud, bubble for a £100 Jackpot and tickets for just 2p. They also have something called link games. This is when all game rooms link together every half hour giving you a chance to win double the money on first liners and full houses. I didn’t like the fact that they aren’t very straightforward about their promotions. You can’t really find them anywhere unless it’s a brand new daily promotion. Players who are browsing the site to decide whether or not they want to join are out of luck.
by: Bitter over 4 years ago
This is an awesome site for those who want to try something new. The site looks different than usual, not too bad, although there are some far more attractive. They will soon open the mobile site version that will be compatible with all smartphones and tablets, which is good news for all those who can't wait to get to their desktop computers.
I was expecting a bit better new player promotions, and you only get a 200% bonus on your £10 deposit, which is not impressive if you ask me.
There are some other promotions, but still nothing that will blow you away.
The bingo offer, however, makes it all right, because you will find games I haven't seen anywhere else. The regular 75, 90 and 80 ball bingo, but also Bingo Lite and Bingo 50 and 60, that I haven't tried yet, but do plan to as soon as possible.
by: MADWOMAN40 over 3 years ago
I'm so fed up of tombola, I've had just 3 half decent wins in 18months,i've deposited yet another £30 in the past 11 days and won not a bean. I aren't a frequent player & just wanted to test the deposit versus payout ratio & to win big it seems you need to deposit big. Even with all of the televised hype and site player's appearances the bingo games are predictable(I know which ticket will be chosen next and it' always the 1 with the least marked off & the game's continue in the same sequence from start to finish. I aren't greedy but when certain players win 2 lines then go on to win the full house in the same game how is that fair, 1 line would make me happy. I must be the only bad reviewer of tombola but play the game & after a while u will pick up on the game pattern and which of your purchased game tickets will be marked of next .


  • 200% sign up bonus
  • Support:Live Chat Email:[email protected] Telephone:0800.298.8873
  • 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo rooms

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