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Teletext Bingo is a relatively new entry to the online bingo world. While the site itself is relatively no-frills in its design, there's a good range of offers, reasonable prizes, and a healthy selection of games. 

Teletext Bingo Site

Game design is pretty much in keeping with the simplistic look of the site. While there are no bells and whistles, though, the interface is intuitive and benefits from it. Game details are found at the top of the page, your details below this on the left, with the chat room in the very bottom left of the screen. You will need to select a chat room when you first log on, because none are selected by default so it will just look empty otherwise. Your tickets are found on the right of the screen.

The usual options are available including the facility to automatically buy tickets for every game, presuming you have funds in your account. Auto-daub is set by default, as you would hope, and your best cards are also set to be displayed first. The Get New Tickets button lets you take new tickets if you don't like the look of the ones you've been offered.

The community aspect of Teletext Bingo isn't that hot yet. There are busy chat rooms, but others only had a couple of people in when we were playing. Hopefully this will improve over time. There don't appear to be many chat moderators either, or if there are then they're difficult to identify in the chat room section of the game screen.


There's two dedicated bingo rooms, both offering standard 90 ball fare. Both rooms offer cards at 10p each, although timed offers include Buy One Get One Free and Penny Bingo cards. Jackpots range from the standard couple of pounds for a single line to progressive jackpots that start accruing from £20,000.

There are currently 14 different types of chat games running in the various Bingo chat rooms. These range from picking numbers and winning if your numbers are the first called out to buddy games where the winner of a game can choose a player to award a bonus prize to. Chat games typically award bonus money that can be spent on any of the bingo games, but not withdrawn as cash prizes. All in all, though, the chat games represent a good offering.

There is an absolute mass of extra games and side games to enjoy, all with good prize funds. The only real gripe with these is that they aren't laid out too great on the games page so it can be difficult to find the actual game that you want to play at first. After you've had a look around, though, it does get easier.


The prize pots and prize giveaways are really quite good and can realistically be won. Holidays, games consoles, and shopping sprees have been awarded as prize draws – the more you play the greater your chance of winning one of these prizes. There are also promotions running every day of the week that include free and cheap bingo cards and guaranteed jackpots.

There are two progressive jackpots on offer, the Big One for bingo called in 37 balls or less starts at £20,000 and has included one lucky winner of £67,563. The Snowball jackpot is awarded for winning a flurry in 50 balls or less and is currently £504.80.

Our Verdict on Teletext Bingo

Teletext Bingo has many positive aspects and strengths, the offer a couple of bingo rooms, good prizes, and an excellent array of side games and daily promotions. The chat rooms are sure to get busier and new players can enjoy a good range of no-, first-, and second-deposit bonuses.

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