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Minxy Bingo is a decidedly fun and entertaining online provider of bingo and related games, which can be easily demonstrated by the website's imaginative and bold use of colours. Indeed, Minxy Bingo has a lively feel and flashy appearance, so the site tends to attract those who are naturally drawn to fun, excitement and the bright lights of online bingo (think Vegas meets Blackpool). Nevertheless, Minxy Bingo has far more to offer its loyal and friendly community of players than flashy graphics alone – in fact, Minxy Bingo provides a host of top games, promotions and other notable services.

In respect to the many games available at Minxy Bingo, the basic bingo offerings are predictably among the most common. However, Minxy Bingo also provides a superb range of slot games, which attracts considerable interest from the site's numerous members. Indeed, Beachside Bonanza, Ladies Night, Big Bounty, Lucky Ladies 88, Big Top Tombola, Mafia Millions, Mayan Mania, Cleopatra's Chest, Pet Luck, Clover Rollover and Pirate Plunder are just some of the many top games available on the site. Furthermore, Blackjack can be played at Minxy Bingo and has proved to be very popular amongst members of the site. Other notable games at Minxy Bingo include Ladies Leisure, Jungle Madness, Thor's Thunder, Hollywood Boulevard and Tarot Fortune.

£10 free at minxy bingoAmong the many promotions, bonuses and specials provided by Minxy Bingo, the new member bonus is particularly useful for those learning the ropes of the game or who want to try out the site in more depth. In fact, when a new member signs up at Minxy Bingo and then places their first deposit, of which there is no minimum or maximum limit, he or she will then be rewarded with a fixed bonus of £10.00! However, whilst this sign up deposit is arguably much less ambiguous than some of Minxy Bingo's major competitors, it is advisable for new players who want to avail of this opportunity to first read the terms and conditions of the promotion in full.

Of course, the sign up bonus is not the only promotion that Minxy Bingo offers its loyal and friendly community of players. In fact, the site provides a range of different promotions on a daily, monthly and ongoing basis, so members are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to playing in big prize tournaments or lucrative specials. Indeed, at the time of writing this review, Minxy Bingo's top promotions included 'It Pays to Play', which simply involved members of the site being awarded £1.00 each for every day in which they played (within a specific period of time). There are also a number of 'Daily Minxy Treats' available on the site, which include '7 Days a Week' (BOGOF – buy one get one free – bingo), 'Penny Bingo Hour', 'Cheap Ticket Tuesday' and 'Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Ton', which runs each Friday between 7pm and 11pm in the Rich Ruby Room and features plenty of guaranteed prize money.

Jackpots at minxy bingoMinxy Bingo also provides its members with regular big money jackpots, which are usually hosted in the Rich Ruby room. Bingo Linx is one such game supported by Minxy Bingo, with daily jackpots running from noon to 10:30pm. Specifically, the Bingo Linx game comprises a £1,000 jackpot at 12:00pm, a £2,000 jackpot at 6:30pm and a massive £4,000 jackpot at 10:30pm. Notwithstanding this, the game also offers a gigantic £10,000 Mega Bingo Linx jackpot at 10:30pm on the last Sunday of each month! Other Minxy Bingo jackpot games include 'Groovy Rub Jackpot' (£1,500 guaranteed) and 'The Big One', which offers a jackpot in the region of tens of thousands of pounds. In other words, there are opportunities aplenty to win top cash prizes at Minxy Bingo.

As mentioned above, Minxy Bingo is also proud of its large community of friendly and happy players. In fact, there is every reason why members of the Minxy Bingo website are fully satisfied, as big winners are produced on a daily basis. Indeed, at the time of writing this review, the most recent top winners included tara23 (£261.04), pandora27 (£298.87), bm4312864 (£371.43), isitacon (£366.16), natkelly (£561.20), Pumpkin_Pie (£857.14) and Noodle73 (£2,628.57). Furthermore, there are plenty of friendly and helpful Chat Masters available at Minxy Bingo to provide assistance and company to the site's faithful members.

Minxy Bingo is also notable for its 24 hour customer support service, which comprises e-mail (support@minxybingo.com) and phone (020 7420 6444) options. Banking is also fast, efficient and secure at Minxy Bingo, whilst a host of popular payment methods are accepted, including MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Maestro and Delta. Minxy Bingo also takes its responsible gaming and privacy policies seriously, so its members are afforded a certain level of protection on the site. Ultimately, Minxy Bingo is one of the most popular and entertaining websites on which to play bingo and related games.

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