Pokemon Go Destined to Take Over Bingo?

Pokemon Go Destined to Take Over Bingo?

Written by: ava carson

08 August 2016

I don’t think anyone could have predicted the success of Pokemon Go that has spread like wildfire throughout the world. Having made its debut in July 2016 Nintendo’s stock skyrocketed to a staggering 9.3 percent. The company's share price rose 24.52 percent to ¥20,260 ($193), a one-day surge that hasn’t happened since 1983 folk which added an explosive $7.5 billion to the firm's market value.

The game has caught the attention from players topping the app download charts located in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. According to some market researchers the app has already been installed on 5 percent of all Android smartphones in America during its first week.

Ok, enough about the statistics, we see it everywhere we go, people walking around like zombies with mobile phones in hand. Oh, then there are the dreaded slow poke drivers that are slowing down or worse yet stopping in the middle of a busy street to capture a Pokemon!

It is only a matter time (and is already in the works) we shall see toys, games, trading cards and even songs that might top the charts as the hottest hit since Gangam Style. Yeah, yeah I know that one hit wonder which took over 2 billion hits on YouTube has fizzled out like yesterday’s pop that lost its carbonation.

I piled on my bangle bracelets, wrapped a scarf around my head, lit some candles in a dark room and dealt some tarot cards. The prediction was astounding……Pokemon Go will run rampant through the Bingo world with promotions, contests and bingo games galore!


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