LCB (Casino Affiliate and Directory) Changes Domains, Embraces New Name

LCB (Casino Affiliate and Directory) Changes Domains, Embraces New Name

Written by: nina davidovic

20 August 2018

LCB (Casino Affiliate and Directory) Changes Domains, Embraces New Name

What's in a domain name? For the hottest gaming portal in the industry - their identity and the love of their many followers!

Bingo Reviewer's casino sibling,, has just announced an upcoming domain change


To follow the organic path of fortifying a unique and established label - the first in the long line of websites and portals...

...that make up the LCB Network today.

Known across the industry and among members as 'LCB' - an abbreviation of the full name - the leading casino affiliate, comprehensive gambling library and mediating service is following a natural progression in the evolution of the brand.

What to expect:

In the weeks that follow, nearing the end of the summer season 2018, the portal is set to go through with the switch to

Short for ''organization''.

It is a suitable new domain name to house the central hub of a large and diverse group of iGaming websites, directories and guides.

LCB gathers more gambling-related portals under its umbrella, than many other affiliates combined!

It is a HUGE undertaking to operate such a vast group, no doubt!

Moreover - not all of them are necessarily related to casinos - bingo, poker, sports, blackjack, Vegas, Macau and other virtual destinations.

In fact...there's over a dozen LCB hubs you can visit. That's a LOT:

  • Latest Bingo Bonuses (LBB)
  • Latest Poker Bonuses (LPB)
  • Latest Sports Bonuses (LSB)
  • Two Little Fleas
  • Key to Casino
  • Bingo ReviewerBJ21....

...and many more popular places, loved by online players all around the globe.

With over 100.000 registered members, 460+ official casino representatives, and millions of visitors each month - the name IS importnant.

LCB team is confident that players will find this change easy and natural - and the trademark as something valid and reasonable to apply...

...after more than 10 years of existing, publicizing, and being known by this short name among fans and loyal members.

So what's next?

''Do I have to adjust to this change?'' NO!

Registered members and enthusiasts who like the colorful pages of LCB, can simply continue to enjoy and benefit from LCB's:

  • Loyalty rewards
  • Exclusive Shop bonuses
  • Massive forum with thousands of hot topics and new posts daily
  • Up-to-date casino reviews
  • No-deposit offers
  • Tourneys and contests
  • Direct casino support
  • Plus LOADS of other perks

''To show its true capacities, as well as to meet the needs of players on a global scale''

LCB enters the next stage of progress with as


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