How Important is Customer Service in Online Bingo?

How Important is Customer Service in Online Bingo?

Written by: Glo Wood

03 May 2016

In the world of online bingo how important is good customer service? I’d say it’s critical because as players we depend on it for every question we have. It’s not like we can physically walk in and refuse to leave until we get an answer. Long delays and lack of knowledge are the top gripes when it comes to Live Help. For all we know they’re taking a smoke break while we’re waiting for an answer.

I recently put the customer service of one bingo site to the test. Needless to say I was frustrated by the end of it. It took 20 minutes to get one simple answer, which in the end I wasn’t happy with. Everyone has a bad day at the office once in a while so to be fair, I will not name the bingo site.

The chat begins at 9:01am.


Hi! How are you?

Me | New

Hello, can you tell me where I can see the status of my bonus?


Your bonus is viewable in your profile

It is not cashable though

I suggest you deposit 25 now and get 150, in real cashable money

Me | New

I know the bonus is not cashable but the winnings are supposed to be. Up to $100


No, they are not

You can only cashout after the first deposit

Me | New

Yes, i understand. So I claim the $65 free bonus, make a $25 deposit then I can cashout my winnings up to $100, correct?


You make a 25 deposit, you get a 150 total

You play and win from that, and you cashout

Me | New

$150? I'm talking about the bonus I currently have in my account. The $65 bonus. Once I make the playthrough and deposit $25 I can withdraw $100 of my winnings, right?


No, it is a non cashable bonus

Me | New

The bonus itself is noncashable

but the winnings are supposed to be

They are not?


No, if you never made a deposit you cannot cashout

It is stated in the terms and conditions

Me | New

Yes I know that but if I make the required $25 deposit....I can then cashout out the winnings from this $65 bonus up to $100

And by the way, I do not see any details about this specific bonus, like where I'm at with wagering, in my profile.


You don't see that yet because you are still a free player

Wagering can be told here on chat

You are not able to cashout, untill you deposit

Me | New

Ok I understand please confirm this though. If I make the required $25 deposit....I can then cashout out the winnings from this $65 bonus up to $100


Please send me a screenshot of the phrase that says that.

I then sent the details of the bonus I was referring to.



That is for existing players, players that already made a deposit

You did not make a deposit before claiming that bonus

Me | New

It's supposed to be for new sign up too


Depositing players can withdraw bonuses too

Me | New



the bonus is

the cashout not untill the deposit is made

Me | New

Wait what?

So I can deposit and then I can cashout the $100 in winnings from this bonus?


No. You can deposit, get the bonus, win from it

Me | New

So because I claimed the bonus before making a deposit, I can't cashout the winnings?


You claimed the free bonus, while still a free player

If you deposited first, then claimed it

You would have been able

Me | New

9:19 am

I see

9:20 am



The chat ends at 9:20am with not so much as a ‘have a nice day’ but the issue here wasn't that he was particularly rude but rather the lack of knowledge because I was actually supposed to be allowed to cashout from that bonus. So I ask you again, how important is customer service in online bingo?


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