3D Roulette

Along with bingo games, Dragonfish offers an array of games including the ever popular Roulette. 3D Roulette has a realistic charm and is close to playing at the live tables as a gambler can get. The wheel spins and where it stops nobody knows but if your lucky numbers hit it will quickly make a Roulette lover out of you.

About 3D Roulette

There are many variations of Roulette but this game is the classic and traditional version. The Roulette wheel is in constant motion as turns slowly in a clockwise motion. The table represents all the numbers in the wheel including colors red and black. The minimum bet per spin is .50 and maximum bet per game is 500. The chart to the right of the wheel shows the history of the last numbers on the wheel. This is a convenient reference to refer to when deciding what numbers to bet on.

Playing 3D Roulette

Select the chip denomination and place your bet on any of the 0-36 numbers. A max of 100.00 is allowed on any one number. Other betting options include Odd or Even, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 and 2 to 1. The highest payout is betting on single numbers with a 36 to 1 return while groups of numbers 3 to 1 and selecting a whole row of numbers is 2 to 1. Click the Spin button to activate the wheel and start the game. When the wheel comes to a complete stop the ball will fall into a slot indicating the winning number. Utilize the Double Bet button to increase your bet and click the Clear All Bets to reselect your wagers.

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