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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:55 am

Birthday Bash

As we get older our birthday’s don’t have quite the excitement that they did in our youth but at Tidy Bingo they want to change all that, bring back some of that expectation and anticipation of your special day. To do this they are launching a new Birthday Bash promotion exclusive to their Tidyers!

Whether you are a new player to the site or someone who has been with Tidy Bingo since they opened in 2013, you all have a chance to win the birthday bonus – a tangible prize each and every month of the year.

Every month there will be a number of players who celebrate a birthday and they could have done it that they just gave a bonus to each and every one of their players. However, they wanted to do something a little different, offer something with a little more ‘substance’ to it. For this reason there will be just one prize a month that will be won by a Tidyer who has celebrated a birthday in the relevant month.

To be eligible to be in the Birthday Bonus prize draw you have to have celebrated your birthday in the current month. In addition to this you must have made deposits totaling £20 in your birthday month and then pop in to the Tidy Cupboard and simply type the following phrase into chat:

“It’s my birthday month! Happy Birthday to Me.”

Your name will then be added into the virtual hat to win the following prize.

March 2014 Prize

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine and variety taster pack of T Disc Pod

Winner to be announced on 28th March 2014
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:39 am

To Mum With Love

Mums do a grand job (for the most part) and whether you are one or have one, Mothering Sunday is about celebrating the role they play in our lives and saying a little thank you. The day is about honouring our Mums and motherhood, the maternal bonds we have with our children and mothers and also about celebrating the influence that mothers have on society as a whole.

To honour the Mums amongst us Bingo Tidy are hosting a special promotion, and getting involved is really easy. Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday 30th March and for this reason the relevant number for the To Mum With Love promotion is 30.

Winning is simple, just be the player who wins bingo the most on the number 30 from 1st until 31st March. They’re not asking you to nominate a winner, nor write a poem for your Mum – just play bingo and win on the number 30 and you could be the player rewarded with the prize.

The Prize

They don’t often offer gender specific prizes but considering the day they are celebrating is pretty gender specific, it’s acceptable in this case. The prize for the winner in this promotion will be a 21cm Pandora Charm Bracelet with one charm and two clips as shown in the picture below.

The winner takes the Pandora Bracelet shown in the image below but for the runner up, the player who has scored the second highest amount of wins on the number 30, the earrings shown will be their prize.

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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:33 am

April Promotions 2014

April has a whole plethora of network promotions to offer you as a player but remember, all of the following are available across the network and are not exclusive to Tidy Bingo players. However, you are still eligible to participate and take full advantage of all of the promotions listed below.

April Fools

They’ll not be playing a joke on you for the 1st of April but they could be tricking you! There are two bonus codes available from 00:01 in this ‘foolish’ day but you can only use one. One has a guaranteed 100% bonus, the other a mystery bonus, which will you choose?


The minimum deposit required for the bonus is £10 and the maximum that will be awarded is £100. The code, whichever you choose, can only be used once.

April Showers

We all know that the month of April usually brings showers but the network will only be showering players with half price tickets on the big jackpot games. Forget January sales, these are the April sales.

Daily Dosh – prices slashed to 5p but jackpot remains as £25.00.

Tuesday Treats – less than half price is how much you will pay for tickets for this game every Tuesday at 8pm in April – just 10p a ticket this month.

Friday Fever – pay just 25p a ticket for the £150 jackpot game each week.

Rise N Shine – half the price tickets means it is just 1p to play for £150 every Monday morning in April.

Easter Eggs-travaganza

Starting on 2nd April there will two weekly draws between 2nd and 15th and each offers up 10 Cadbury’s Chocolate Egg Treaure.

Collect eggs each time you complete either of the following tasks:

Wager £10 on bingo
Wager £50 on instant win games

Qualifying Weeks

2nd – 8th April – 10 winners
9th – 15th April – 10 winners

Winners will be the ten players who have collected the most eggs each week.

Please note: If the prize is no longer available then you will be offered a cash alternative instead if you a winner.
Easter Egg Hunt

There will be a prize bingo room open from 7pm until 9pm daily on the following nights in April:

Monday 14th April
Wednesday 16th April
Good Friday 18th April
Easter Sunday 20th April

In this room there will be a mixture of 10p and 25p games with a guaranteed prize for every single full house win in the session. The host will reveal the prize behind the number that the full house is called on. The prizes that can be won in these special sessions are:

Cadbury’s Treasure Box
Thornton’s Chocolate (value £10)
Easter Eggs
Lindt Chocolate Bunnies
Spin of The Bonus Wheel
Loyalty Points
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:19 am

Tidy and The Troops was a promotion originally created after being contacted by a serving regiment in Afghanistan who requested a donation of dabbers and tickets for a bingo game they were to hold. Following on from the success of the donation by Tidy Bingo they wanted to continue the ‘feel good’ aspect of this and the Tidy and The Troops idea was born.

At inception the original plan was to donate all ticket sales over and above the prize money to a serving regiment in Afghanistan. This proved more difficult to organise than first anticipated with maintaining regular contact nigh on impossible. For this reason they made the decision to approach a well known charity involved with the support of veterans and serving personnel from the Armed Forces who have been wounded or injured, or have become sick as a result of serving their country, Help For Heroes. Help For Heroes is a registered charity number 1120920 and their event ID is 2014030700009133.

They’re not asking you to donate money, just by buying a ticket for the Tidy and the Troops game on a Tuesday and a Friday you will be contributing to the ‘kitty’. You are able to view how much has currently been raised on the blog and the dedicated Tidy and The Troops page.

The amount in the kitty depends on you really, on how many tickets are sold for each game because doing the maths to work out how much is added each Tuesday and Friday to the kitty is simple:

Ticket sales – prize money = Addition to Tidy And The Troops Kitty

For example:

Tuesday Tidy And The Troops Game

318 tickets sold (318 x 25p = £79.50) – prize money (£50) = £29.50 added to kitty.

Friday Tidy And The Troops Game

454 tickets sold (454 x 25p = £113.50) – prize money (£50) = £63.50 added to kitty.

Tidy And The Troops games will be the first game in the exclusive Tidy Cupboard every Tuesday and Friday. Tickets for the game are available to pre-buy at a cost of 25p a ticket and the prize money is guaranteed at £50 for the game. This is the split as follows:

One line for £ 10.00

Two lines for £ 15.00

Full house for £ 25.00
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:59 pm

World Cup 2014 Sweepstake

On June 12th 2014 the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil and to celebrate (although not big footie fans themselves) Tidy Bingo are offering players entry into a Sweepstake. All qualifying players, a bit like the draw for Groups in the World Cup, will be randomly allocated a team from the 32 that qualified.

To qualify for this promotion you must have deposited at least £20 with Tidy Bingo between now and 11th June 2014. On the morning of 12th June all the countries and their corresponding allocated members will be posted on the blog post entitled World Cup 2014 Sweepstakes.

As each country is eliminated from the World Cup tournament, so are their allocated players until finally they will have a winning country (who they hope will be England but highly unlikely).

All of the players who had been allocated the winning team will be credited with £15 cash into their Tidy Bingo account on Monday 14th July 2014.

Small Print:

You must have deposited at least £20 in your Tidy Bingo account between 1st May 2014 and 11th June 2014 at 23:59 to qualify for entry into the World Cup 2014 Sweepstake.
Winning players will only be credited with the £15 cash balance if their account is active as of 14th July 2014. If the account is not active, the winnings are forfeited.
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:53 pm

Tidy Millions

Tidy Millions is a lottery-based promotion that Tidy Bingo are trialling for one month (June 2014) and how it works is really simple. Each and every week they purchase one Euromillions lottery line for the Tuesday night draw only.

The numbers on the lottery ticket are as follows:

2 – 8 – 13 – 15 – 21 with Lucky Stars 5 and 8

The reason for their choice of numbers is:

21 08 13 – the date of the first games played at Tidy Bingo.
15 – Tidy is on the 15 Network
2 – There are two owners – Nickie and David
5 and 8 as the Lucky Stars – these were just chosen at random.

The numbers will remain the same for all of the draws that they choose to run this promotion for. A minimum of four Euromillions draws at least.

All players who visit the Tidy Cupboard from 7pm until 9pm on a Tuesday evening and play at least five games in the room then automatically become part of the Tidy Millions syndicate.

Should the Euromillions ticket be a winner then every eligible player who has played the required five games on the Tuesday of the draw will take an equal share of the winnings.

The prize money for the Euromillions lottery varies from draw to draw but as an example, these are the results from Tuesday 27th May 2014:

Match 5 + 2 Stars - would have won approximately £54 million
Match 5 + 1 Star - won £136,065.80
Match 5 - won £24,739.20
Match 4 + 2 Stars - won £2,194.60
Match 4 + 1 Star - won £101.40
Match 4 - won £47.10
Match 3 + 2 Stars - won £32.70
Match 2 + 2 Stars - won £12.00
Match 3 + 1 Star - won £7.90
Match 3 - won £6.10
Match 1 + 2 Stars - won £7.20
Match 2 + 1 Star - won £5.10
Match 2 - won £2.40

Let’s be optimistic and say that they matched 4 numbers in the draw. The syndicate would have won £47.10. Imagine they had 10 players who had met the qualifying five games. Each would have been credited with £4.71 the following day.

If the prize money that has to be shared is over £500 then the share will be paid directly to the winners by Tidy Gaming Ltd, the company that owns Tidy Bingo. Dependent on the value of the win, there may be a delay simply because the winnings would need to be collected from the lottery organisers.

The promotion is only open to players who have made at least one deposit at Tidy Bingo.
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:00 am

Summer Sizzler

Every week throughout July there is a fantastic prize on offer to the player who is drawn at random from the network hat. To get your name in the weekly draw you simply have to wager £20 or more on bingo or slots in the week at Tidy Bingo. For every multiple of the qualifying amount you wager, you will earn one entry into the draw.

There are four draws in total throughout the month and you do have to have met the qualifying spend each week to be entered into the draw. This is what is up for grabs:

Week 1 (1st to 6th July) – 4 Burner Gas BBQ and Side Burner
Week 2 (7th to 13th July) – Pacific 6 Seater Patio Set in Black
Week 3 (14th to 20th July) – One Night Break at the Mercure Brighton Sea Front Hotel
Week 4 (21st to 27th July) – Fortnum and Mason Grosvenor Picnic Hamper

Small Print:

The above is a networked promotion so you are competing against players across all of the sites on the 15 Network.
General Terms and Conditions also apply to these promotions.
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:56 pm

Birthday Blowout

On 21st August 2014 Tidy Bingo will be a year old! The time has passed quickly but they want to celebrate in style with their Tidyers. For this reason they will be hosting a Birthday Blowout in the Tidy Cupboard on 19th August so don your party hats and come and join thenm for four hours of fun and frolics.

The Tidy and The Troops game will play as usual at 7pm with the £50 guaranteed jackpot game and then it’s the first of the special themed chat games for an hour. All chat games for the four-hour session will pay out a minimum of 1,000 loyalty points.

7pm until 8pm - Pin The Tail On The Donkey

To win 1,000 in this chat game you have to pick two numbers, one being your donkey and the other its tail. When both numbers are called type "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" to win the chat points.

Pass The Parcel – 8pm until 9pm

This is a tournament with prizes galore on offer. Full details can be found later on the page.

9pm until 10pm – Happy Birthday Tidy Bingo

When the numbers 21, 8 and 13 (21st August 2013) have been called be the first to type 'Happy Birthday Tidy' in chat to win 1,000 points.

10pm - £150 Guaranteed Jackpot Game

A one off birthday special game that boasts the biggest jackpot to date available only to Tidyers, an impressive £150. Tickets are 25p each and the prize money is:

One line for £25
Two lines for £50
Full house for £75

Tickets are available to pre-buy now under the jackpots tab from the main lobby.

Pass the Parcel – 10pm until 11pm

Every player in the room will be allocated a number set at the start of the tournament. Each set will contain at least two numbers but could have as many as six or seven. (You should note that some numbers will not be allocated at the start of each tournament, these are spares that will be allocated to players who come in after Pass The Parcel has begun). When bingo is called, the number that the full house was won on decides who holds the parcel and gets to remove a layer from the parcel. Should the number not yet be allocated to a player, the prize will rollover to the next game.

Each layer will reveal a prize; it could be loyalty points or you may even be rewarded with a tangible prize like a Tidy keyring or other branded goods as well as a variety of other gifts.

The last winner on the game at the top of the hour will be the person who removes the last layer of the parcel and wins the top prize.

CM Nickie will allocate the number sets five minutes before the Pass The Parcel hour starts.

For example:

Player A has number set 1 to 10
Player B has number set 11 to 20
Player C has number set 21 to 30

The full house is called in the first game on 25; Player C removes a layer and wins the prize revealed by the host. Each participating player will be able to win multiple times in each hour.

The host will decide the number sets allocated to each player on the night dependent on the number of players in the room.


They have a number of different prizes on offer in the Pass the Parcel tournaments. The loyalty points that may be given are either 1,000 or 2,000. The branded goods will be one of the following:

Money Box
Mints & Fridge Magnet
Pen and Rulers

The other tangible prizes all have a value of at least £10 in the two tournaments. Four lower value prizes and one main prize valued at approximately £50 will be awarded per tournament. All gifts will be announced to the winner but as a surprise, just like a real game of Pass The Parcel.

Small Print:

The promotion is only open to players who have made at least one deposit at Tidy Bingo.
Any tangible prizes will be sent to the address registered on the Tidy Bingo account for the winning player.
Prizes will be despatched within 48 hours.
There are no cash alternatives available for the prizes in this promotion.
Loyalty points will be credited immediately.
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby justtina » Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:49 pm

Awesome August

There are four weekly prize draws taking place between Monday 4th August and Monday 1st September with a selection of vouchers, gift cards and experiences on offer. For every £20 that you wager in the qualifying period at Tidy Bingo, you will earn on entry into that relevant week’s draw.

4th to 10th August – draw on 11th August for a Spa Break for two.
11th to 17th August – draw on 18th August for a Deluxe Gourmet Choice Voucher.
18th – 24th August – drawn on 25th August for a £150 Ticketmaster Gift Card
25th – 31st August – drawn on 1st September for a Love2Shop voucher worth £100.
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Re: Tidy Bingo Promotions

Postby BingoBilly » Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:52 am

Bingo Passion For Fashion – Monday 8th until Sunday 14th September at Tidy Bingo

London Fashion week starts on Friday 12th September and you can get some retail vouchers as prizes to coincide with its start.

Seven players will get a £50 Primark apiece!

You can win a share of the £350 in Primark vouchers by being one of the top seven big spenders at Tidy Bingo or across their network. For every £10 on bingo or £20 on slots that your wager, you will score a point. The seven players who have the most points will take one of the seven vouchers.

There is also a bonus code on offer for all players. It can be used once and once only in this promotional week and is valid for a 100% bonus on a minimum £10 deposit. The maximum bonus that will be given is £100. That bonus code is STYLE.

Good luck!
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