More Ways to win Every Day at M8ts Bingo

We have done all the foot work, so all you got to do is choose from the wast number of promotions.

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More Ways to win Every Day at M8ts Bingo

Postby justtina » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:45 am

M8ts Bingo have something special every day of the week:


Bingo Birdie “Cheep Cheap” Tickets - Play for as little as 1p per ticket!

A little birdie tells us that twice an hour from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM, they've got bingo tickets for as cheap as 1p! Every game has a minimum prize of at least £2.00. And 2p and 5p games are also offered.

Must Win Monday - If you don't win, they’ll give you your money back!

Must Win Monday means a money-back guarantee on our popular progressive bingo games! At 9.00 PM in our All Join In room, our Sky High progressives will refund you if you don't win! They do it again at 10pm by refunding Big Ticket non-winners in Let’s Play 75. If you don’t win one of these progressive games, any cash you spent will be refunded as bonus the next day! With a deal like that, how can you lose?


Twosome Tuesday - £22 prizes on one line, two line & full house - twice an hour for two hours (between 9.00 PM and 11.00 PM)!

Make your Tuesday totally Twosome from 9.00 PM to 11.00 PM with these 35p 90-ball games. Twice the fun, twice an hour . Each game plays for three £22 prizes!

Bingo Perfecta - Win any two parts in a single game to claim a £10 bonus! Hit all 3 for £100 bonus!

Two out of three’s not just OK - it's PERFECTA! From 9.00 AM to midnight, be the solo winner of any two parts of a single game in All Join In or Let’s Play 75 and you can claim £10 bonus! Win all THREE parts of a single game as a solo winner and claim a whopping £100 bonus! Winning players should submit a claim with their winning game number to in order to receive their Perfecta prize. Bonus will be awarded within 48 hours. Limit of one claim per player for each prize type.


100 Pound Grand Games - From 10pm to midnight, these three-part £100 games are really GRAND!

Have a grand old time every Wednesday night with our three-part £100 75-ball games. Each game plays for a cool pool of £100 and costs 50p per ticket. Games play twice an hour between 10.00 PM and midnight.

Midnight Somewhere - at 9.00 PM the first number called in the Linked-Up game determines the deposit bonus - anything from 110% to a massive 190% for 12 hours!

Each Wednesday night they offer a special deposit bonus of between 110% and 190%, available to all players between 10.00 PM and 10.00 AM. The deposit bonus amount is determined by the first number called in the linked 9.00 PM game. The bonus is 100% plus the number called. For example, if the first number out is 55, the Midnight Somewhere deposit bonus will be 155%. The minimum bonus amount is 110%. Make Wednesdays a “ win day” and take advantage of this weekly deposit special!


Triple Ripple Thursday - It's always a Full House from 9.00 PM-11.00 PM for these Ripple games, where the prizes go every which way but sideways!

What's a "ripple"? It starts with a £100 prize and goes down to £75, £50 then £25. But don't worry, what goes down must come back up, so it climbs to £50, £75, and then back to £100! These "Ripple" Full House games play for three hours between 9.00 PM and 12.00 AM every Thursday. Tickets are 35p.

Money In Your Pocket - Play £10 worth of bingo anytime on Thursday and receive £1 bonus free!

Put money back into your pocket by playing bingo! If you spend £10 cash on bingo anytime during Thursday, you will be credited back £1 in bonus. You don't have to do a thing except play and have fun! But be sure you hit that £10 mark before the end of the day, because at midnight this bonus offer turns into a pumpkin! Bonus credited within 24 hours.


The Friday Free-For-All - morning and night are crazy with 6 hours of FREE and BOGO bargains. Free games pay £10 cash!

Every Friday it's a Free-For-All in Let’s Play 75 (9.00 AM - noon) and in All Join In (9.00 PM - midnight). Free games play once an hour during these crazy times and pay £10 cash! Even better, there’s a bumper array of BOGO bargains to be had, as many games offer Buy 2 Get 1 free ticket deals.

Free Bingo For A Week! - Play £10 on bingo today to be entered into a draw for 7 days of free bingo!

What's better than free bingo? A whole week's worth of free bingo! Just play £10 cash on bingo anytime on Friday and they'll automatically enter you into a draw for £10 bonus a day for 7 days! One lucky winner will be announced on Saturday. Remember—playing £10 today could net you a whole week of fun ... ON US!


Cash Back Day - Play today and get 3 chances to WIN BACK whatever you’ve spent on bingo in CASH!

It’s Saturday and they’re Cash Back crazy! Three random players will be selected throughout the day to receive a cash refund of all bingo tickets purchased so far that day! Draw winners will be notified by email. Refund is for cash wagers only to a maximum of £20.

The Big Hour

They're counting down to THE BIG HOUR - our Big Money promotion in the 90-ball All Join In room that kicks off every Saturday night.

From 8.00 PM - 9.00 PM The Big Hour will feature:

* 8 games with £50 guaranteed (tickets 10p)

* a mid-hour game with a brilliant guaranteed £250 pay-out (tickets 25p)

* a thrilling final game with a massive guaranteed £750 pay-out (tickets 25p)


Super Sunday - Fair For All games from 9am-8pm and £100/£20 alternating prizes from 9pm-12am.

You can’t get much fairer than our bingo every Sunday from 9.00 AM – 8.00 PM in Let’s Play 75! Everyone gets 24 tickets for £1 in these hourly 75-ball games, with two extra games during noon hour. And from 9.00 PM – 12 PM there are alternating £100/£20 prize pools in All Join In! Win on an odd number for the bigger prize, or on the even number for the £20 prize. These 35p/ticket games run hourly.

It’s Lucky for Some: 13 - Make it your lucky number and win £113!

Win on 13 in the 8.00 PM, 9.00 PM & 10.00 PM Linked-Up games and you will receive a lucky extra £13 bonus. Plus, if you bingo on "13" on the final part of any All Join In or Let’s Play 75 game during this time, you can claim a £113 prize in bonus! If you win on the number 13 between 8.00 PM-11.00 PM on Sunday, be sure to submit a claim with your winning game number to in order to receive your prize.
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