Calling on Cupid or Bingo This Valentine's Day?

Calling on Cupid or Bingo This Valentine's Day?

Written by: ava carson

13 February 2017

With St. Valentine’s Day rolling around on Tuesday, February 14th the mystery of Cupid looms. Who does the chubby cherub strike and when?

Is the answer hidden in the lyrics of Sam Cooke’s 1961 billboard hit Cupid:

“So, cupid draw back your bow

And let your arrow go

Straight to my lover's heart for me

Nobody but me”

“Cupid please hear my cry

And let your arrow fly

Straight to my lover's heart for me”

“Now, cupid if your arrow make a love storm for me

I promise I will lover her until eternity

I know between the two of us her heart we can steal

Help me if you will”

Hmm, so if you are among the lonely-hearts club is calling on this angel of love going to do the trick and send your lover straight to you! Ah, if only it was as simple as all that.

Who is Cupid anyway, I did a bit of research to find out. Maybe it will give me a clue how he can strike his bow and bring a lover straight to those seeking love.


He goes further back beyond Christianity and contrary to modern belief he is certainly no angel. In Roman mythology he is the God of Love and his mother Venus, the goddess of love was very jealous of Psyche’s beauty and Cupid in despite of his mother fell madly in love with her.

A chubby one at that, he pierces the hearts of his victims and thus they fall madly in love. I’ve been looking for this Cupid character and waiting for him to work his magic.

On second thought, getting punctured in the heart sounds more painful than not having a lover this Valentine’s Day! Besides with bingo Valentine’s specials blooming across my favorites sites, bingo fans have more than enough to keep them happy and satisfied.


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