Yazino launches 'Extreme' Battle Bingo

Yazino launches 'Extreme' Battle Bingo

Written by: Richard Sharp on 18/08/2011 16:10

The variety of bingo available these days never fails to astound me, ten years ago this game had a stereotype which is so far removed from today’s its untrue. Online bingo has inevitably gone social, there are various games available on Facebook and other channels including the brand new ‘extreme bingo’ developed by Yazino.

The game places players in colored teams where they compete for individual and team supremacy by placing ‘power up’ icons on a board. You play with your own card in a traditional sense but also on a larger ‘battle board’ in the centre, the expanding power up (Phoenix) and blocking power up can be placed on this board to try to hinder opponents progress - although if placed unwisely can actually help them.

Hussein Chahine, Yazino's founder and chief executive officer, commented: "What we've done with Extreme Bingo is taking the best elements of bingo and add a competitive edge and some uniquely social hooks, turning it from a game of chance to a game of teamwork and skill.”

It can be played on Facebook or via Yazino’s own website using a range of different social logins including Facebook. You can also invite friends, chat with them in the sidebar and set up events for you and your buddies. It’s an interesting concept which we are sure will catch on.

The developers have previously launched other socially themed classics such as roulette, Black Jack and Texas Hold’em poker.

Have you played any of the Yazino games yet?


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by: rosebush over 10 years ago
I have not played yet but it looks exciting.
by: yobes over 10 years ago
Increasing the social interaction could give the game a decent hook.