Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Winner Revealed

Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Winner Revealed

Written by: Jeannie on 01/05/2011 09:25
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The fun competition we brought you from Chit Chat Bingo has now closed, and the lucky winner is playing away to their heart’s content on their fabulous new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.

The winner was Hayley1985 and if you cast your mind back you might remember that it was a competition to give the best, worst of most effective chat up lines ever.

Before we see the line that got Hayley1985 the prize here a few of the others which caught our eye.

Some of the Best (and Worse) Chat Up Lines

"Don't walk into that building; the sprinklers might go off!" This was from ihateipswich and certainly caused a few laughs here.

“You see my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute?” by ab3110 was another which we could imagine trying (and failing) with.

“I've seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?” By Tangle is a nice, simple approach which we think could work.

However, what about the real winner? Ah, here we go. “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you!”

That entry was enough to win over the judges, and this is what the winner had to say on Facebook. “I’m having great fun playing and hopefully it will make me exercise in time for the summer”.

This was a really good fun competition from Chit Chat Bingo, and we wonder how many people have got a few new lines thanks to the wonderful entries which we posted. Can’t wait for the next big comp to come around to get a few more laughs and see who manages to grab themselves an unforgettable prize and a few moments of fame.


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