X Factor Star Cures Drug Habit With Bingo

X Factor Star Cures Drug Habit With Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 12/08/2013 17:05

Frankie Cocozza star of the hit show X Factor got the boot in 2011 for reported cocaine use. He kicked the coke habit and traded for Bingo. Frankie attends Bingo halls up to twice a day developing a real love for the game claiming it cured his drug addiction.

In a statement to The Sun newspaper he said: "Bingo's the wildest I get these days. We walk to our local bingo club and they remember our names because we go so often.

"Some days we go twice a day, even though it's full of people who are over 70. It replaced getting stoned for me actually. I don't feel like I need to get high any more because bingo is such a natural buzz.

"I won £25 the first time and I was shaking. Then the next three weeks in a row I won £100."

The bad boy reality star is known for his wild antic including showing off his booty that displays his past womanizing conquests. Names of girls she has had a fling with are tattooed on his bum. He has recently settled down after meeting his current flame Leah.

Frankie said: "I've found the girl of my dreams. That's it for me. I was happy to have sex with 100 different girls after 'X Factor', but I know I'm never going to sleep with anyone else again."

His girlfriend admits at first she was pretty much turned off by his cocky tude and wild ways but is impressed on how he has recently turned his life around.

Leah says: "I thought he was a bit of a cocky little idiot to be honest. I had zero interest in him. I think being on 'X Factor' turned him into a bit of a sl*t.

"I knew about his tally and had to accept it. You're only young once. Anything he did was before we got together so I was prepared not to judge him. But it's a different story now."

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