Worlds Biggest Bingo Winner Evicted From Home

Worlds Biggest Bingo Winner Evicted From Home

Written by: ava carson on 29/12/2011 18:25

This is a bingo fairytale story come true that suddenly goes awry. It’s the rags to riches and back to rags tale that is better off in fables and not in true life.

Soraya Lowell, mother of four won £1.2 million, the biggest bingo jackpot in the world three years ago. As the champagne cork popped in celebration, all she could ever dream of had come true.

She purchased a home in 2008, after winning the National Bingo Game at Club 3000 Bingo in Coatbridge. The good hearted Soroya shared a part of her wealth with her neighbor and purchased a £150,000 home for her and the family. What started out as a brand new start in life, has now taken a drastic turn.

The 40 year old woman seems to have gone through the massive win like it was water. After just three short years, she has been evicted from the new home for being “in default” according to the Bank of Scotland.
It is reported that Soraya and her family have moved back to their £35,000 council home where they lived prior to the bingo win.

A friend of Soraya commented: “There had been rumours that Soraya had been having a bit of trouble financially, but nobody knew the extent of it. She only moved a few streets away so everyone still saw her out in Hamilton, but the news of her having her home repossessed is a bolt from the blue.”

“She kept on her old home and you see her and Frankie going in and out, but nobody thought anything of it.”

“Soraya and Frankie have also got rid of an ice cream van which they bought. Their life has changed a lot since they first won.”

The neighbors have reported that the house appeared abandoned for a number of weeks and the gardens unattended.

It is a sad end to one of the most exciting events ever to take place in a player’s life.

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