Wonder Bingo Loves the Chatter

Wonder Bingo Loves the Chatter

Written by: ava carson on 08/06/2012 06:00
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Do you have the gift to gab or are you always told that you talk way too much? If so, you are the person that Wonder Bingo would love to have in their Chat Rooms. They are ready to put their money where your mouth is because they adore jibber jabbers.

Wonder Bingo is looking for the Cheery Chatters not the whiners and moaners but the bingo players that keep the room upbeat and happy. If you have a few cackling jokes up your sleeve c’mon and don’t be shy share it with your bingo roomies and get everyone giggling.

Don’t forget to pour it on thick with the Chat Moderators too and compliment them on their irresistible charms. After all they are the ones that will be dishing out £25 to the most lively bingo player. Work the bingo room, any room and show them all the magic you possess to turn any frown upside down.

Cheer up your bingo pals with your infectious personality and bubbly gift to talk up a storm and you may be the rewarded with the £25 Chat Bonus and declared the Cheery Chatter of the week.

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