Wonder Bingo Bucks Deluxe

Wonder Bingo Bucks Deluxe

Written by: ava carson on 02/04/2012 08:00
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There are two weaknesses every girl has; bingo and shopping! Put them together and we are in 7th heaven. There is spot that has them both and you won’t have to go wondering over some rainbow to find it. Wonder Bingo knows a thing or two about what ladies like.

Now that the suspense is building I won’t let you “wonder” (pun intended) no more! Wonder Bucks is Wonder Bingo’s very own virtual currency. What can you do with Wonder Bucks? Shop until you drop girls in a huge shopping list to choose from in their store.

Spoil yourself with fancy gifts or buy them for your best bingo buddy, either way shopping has never been quite so delightful. These aren’t just humdrum ordinary presents, nope these glamorous gifts that surely will make you the talk of the town!

What’s even more exciting is every time you reach a new bingo level 16 virtual gifts will unlock for you to purchase even more. Between playing bingo and shopping there just isn’t enough time in a day, why it’s downright exhausting! Just consider it one of the perils of being a woman.

There are 8 levels, which mean 16 new items every time. The prizes keep getting bigger and better with holiday retreats, luxury accommodations, cars and jewelry with lots of bling.

But there is more to the levels than just buying gifts, let’s not forget about bingo ladies. Each new level will offer bigger and better bingo tournaments and contests. All bingo players will start out as Rookie level and climb their way to the top as the Megastar.

If you haven’t joined Wonder Bingo yet get cracking because all new players will receive a No Deposit Required $5 Free Bonus. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for amazing promotional offers.

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