Woman Steals Thousands from Mother to Play Bingo

Woman Steals Thousands from Mother to Play Bingo

Written by: Glo Wood on 05/04/2014 16:35

A UK woman from Tamworth has been accused of stealing more than £100,000 from her elderly mother’s bank account and a large portion of it went toward online bingo.

The 88-year-old woman sold her home and her daughter, Abbi Kinsella, stole the proceeds spending over £34,000 playing bingo.

Kinsella’s mother was evicted from her home after rent and other payments were cancelled.

Kinsella, 54, claims she is not guilty of four charges of theft; however she admits to one count of fraud.

Kinsella’s council Mark Nicholls asked: "Have you stolen money from your mother? Have you acted dishonestly towards your mother's finances?" Her answers was "No" to both questions.

Kinsella claims she paid back some of the money and said, "I have no idea what she did with the money. With my mother, if I had started asking questions, she would say 'that's my business'.

When questioned about deposits to Sun bingo, Kinsella said, "I couldn't get my [bank] card to work, so I asked my mum if I could use hers."

The trial is currently ongoing.

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