Woman Celebrates 103rd Birthday Playing Bingo

Woman Celebrates 103rd Birthday Playing Bingo

Written by: Glo Wood on 12/07/2013 18:55

Gladys Mott, a great-grandmother, who lives in Brunswick Court, Furnace Green, celebrated her 103rd birthday playing bingo. She brought her cake and all for two sessions of bingo.

Mrs. Mott said: "My love of bingo started decades ago when I worked in a bingo hall for six years.

"I still go out to my clubs and play a couple of times a week because I get so much enjoyment from it. They are lovely little clubs I go to and the people are so kind.

"Years ago I had a big win of £500. I gave some of it to help my daughter and used the rest to pay bills. I didn't want to waste it."

Mrs. Mott was born in 1910 and recalls the tragic sinking of the Titanic as well as both world wars.

"During the First World War, I can remember the men who would knock on the doors to warn people and call out to take cover," she said.

"We used the school's shelter but luckily there was no bombing. My father was sent home because he was gassed.

"He did get his sight back, though, and would tell us many tales of his time fighting.

"By the Second World War I was married and my daughter was just a baby.

"My husband was in the RAF and we were staying in Bedfordshire with my family.

"I was lucky because my flat in Peckham had a direct hit from a bomb. It was a good job I wasn't there. We lost absolutely everything.

"My husband came back safe and we went on to have the most wonderful life together. I would love to go back and live it all over again."

She attended a weekly session at St Edward's Catholic Social Club for the past 25 years.

Gerry Lydon, the club's chairman, said: "It is mad to think that Gladys still has this zest for life.

"She remains very independent and is a remarkable woman.

"When it comes to bingo Gladys is still extremely sharp, she never misses a number and is quite often the winner.

"Gladys comes to the bingo with her friends and there was a time that they couldn't get to us because the person who brought them was in hospital.

"However, instead of missing the bingo, Gladys organised for her and her friends to get a taxi here and back.

"They weren't going to miss it."

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