With Wonder Bingo 1 in 5 Players are Winners

With Wonder Bingo 1 in 5 Players are Winners

Written by: Jeannie on 19/05/2011 11:10
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We all want to win more games, don’t we? Well, by the sound of it the new Plentiful Winners Bingo from Wonder Bingo should help more people get a slice of the pie.

More Winners than Even Before

Unbelievably, the new game will see 1 in 5 of the players taking part walk away with something. The people at Wonder Bingo guarantee that if, for instance, there are 50 players in the game then 10 of them will win a prize instead of the normal affair in which just 3 people win the lot between them.

If you are tempted by this game then there is an extra incentive to give it a bash, as everyone who is registered on the Wonder Bingo site is about to get given a fiver absolutely free with no need to even put down a deposit. The promotion runs over this coming weekend so you should be sure not to miss out on it.

Apart from this, when you decide to put some money into your account you get a whopping 300% welcome bonus. Existing players who need to top up their Wonder Bingo account get given an almost equally impressive reload bonus of 200% to keep them playing away. These spanking offers run for the same time as the free fiver one so keep your eyes peeled.

The Wonder Bingo site is also highly rated for a couple of other reasons. Firstly, it offers some truly social aspects to online bingo. The other reason is the clever loyalty scheme they run which gives you lot of bonuses and free games for being an active member of the site and taking part in lots of games.

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