Winner of Whopping £23,032 at Jackpoy Joy Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/09/2009 15:00
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There’s another big winner in the world of online bingo. If you haven’t heard, there’s a new online bingo player who scooped a whopping £23,032 over at Jackpot Joy Bingo. It was Tracey S. who won the huge jackpot prize on Full House Bingo! She still couldn’t believe how much she has won. Let’s learn more about this exciting news.

Tracey S was over at the great value bingo room from Jackpot Joy Bingo. She was in the act of cleaning out her fish tank. At the same time she was also cleaning up in the Emerald Room. Cleaning up the £23,032 you mean? That was when she won that huge amount of cash. Who would have thought that during a regular day when you least expect it, while cleaning your fish tank, would you have won such an amazing jackpot prize? Tracey S had explained up to now, she still doesn’t believe that she has won such an amount of prize! She just bought the maximum tickets for 60p. That’s it. After that, she left and run. She was merely cleaning her fish tank and when she got back, she was shocked. She noticed that her account had gone from thirteen pounds to a whopping twenty three thousand pounds! She was screaming and her two kids even had to come in and tell her to calm down. It was unbelievable.

According to Tracey, she had tried other online bingo sites. But she never won big amounts there. She didn’t like the other competitors. That’s why she joined Jackpot Joy Bingo because of the great prizes they offer. She said she was so glad that she had joined Jackpot Joy Bingo. Who wouldn’t, right? When you can scoop more than twenty three thousand pounds just by buying tickets and leaving your computer while you clean? That surely is amazing. Their Christmas will be special and she will be sharing her winnings with her sister and will be treating her two kids.

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