Wink Bingo’s Old Values Incorporated into New Design

Wink Bingo’s Old Values Incorporated into New Design

Written by: Emilija Zivulovic on 16/02/2015 09:55
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A lot of thought went into Wink Bingo’s makeover, which is apparent from the successful rebranding this site underwent recently. According to Eitan Gorodetsky, marketing manager at Wink Bingo and Winkly Magazine, "The success of any re-branding is in how well you capture the ethos of your service". After an extensive research the marketing team decided to focus on three main points, which are the essence of Wink Bingo:

1.Maintaining the quality level, this makes the site a choice of those in the know.

2.Providing a fresh, welcoming vibe.

3.Enforcing the strong sense of community present at the site.

The result of their smart marketing strategy is obvious and mutually beneficial, for both players and Wink Bingo. Customers can now enjoy an easy-to-use, modern-looking player-interface made up of soft lines and bold yet gentle colors. Circles are used as a key design motive, symbolizing the bingo ball and the inclusiveness of the community. A soft palette of blue, green, orange and pink colors are used throughout the site and pulled together in Wink Bingo’s redesigned logo. New look won’t be complete without a brand new welcome offer! Creating an account at Wink Bingo will earn you $10 free, or 50 free tickets for your first game in the ‘You’re In’ room. This is just the beginning of Wink Bingo’s generous Promotions page, so make sure to give it a look.


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