Wink Bingo Winner Didn’t Fancy His Chances!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/10/2009 22:04

Isn’t it funny how after the fact, nearly all bingo winners say how they are never lucky, or they never win anything, or they didn’t fancy their chances? It appears that this is almost a wrote answer when they are asked about their win – well one recent winner of £5K at Wink Bingo felt exactly the same.

He had (yes a male member) been given an ad hoc bonus in his account valued at a fiver, so he though he would logon that evening and spend it. When he got to the site he discovered that it was the 10th of the month and the £10 000 jackpot game was playing. He had already spent some of his bonus money and had a pound left so he bought six tickets into the 10K game, but with six tickets, he “didn’t fancy his chances”. Famous last words, because as the game played, he still held no hope, but all for a sudden got a run of numbers and won.

He had to share the prize with another delighted winner, but five grand for nothing apart from bonus money, doesn’t come around every day. He says that all of a sudden he seems to have more friends than he remembers, and all of them want him to open a tab for them in the local pub!

Speaking of friends and Wink Bingo, did you know that you can gift your friends if they are a bit down on their luck and you are on a winning streak. Bingo players are notoriously generous with their winnings; they believe if they share voluntarily it will come back to them in winnings again. Wink has made it possible for you to buy a Wink Voucher and they double this amount, so if you want to send a friend in need a fiver, they will actually receive £10, and whole load of bingo goodness too.

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