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Written by: kelly on 08/06/2010 15:25
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Bingo is actually better when you play it with friends. There are very few people who like playing bingo because it is a solitary game! Just like we are playing World Cup football as part of a team, you can play bingo as part of a team when you are a member of Wink Bingo. However, team bingo at this site is not like it is at any other site; it is specifically designed so you can meet more members and make even more new friends. The more bingo buddies you make, the more people you will be encouraged to chat to, and it is this spirit of community which often makes or breaks an online bingo site.

Wink Bingo Team Bingo is different because you don't get to decide who you play with. This essentially means that no cliques are formed and everybody is included in the games, although you do have to let them know you want to play. They will then place you in a team randomly and this offers all players an equal opportunity to win. Sometimes strong players will be placed together and other times strong players will help the weak lot out, but whatever team bingo is at Wink Bingo, it is fair!

The team tournaments play for a two week period and at the end of this the winners are announced. The following team event will see team players swapped around and randomly chosen to represent teams again, so you can't get much fairer than this.

But why would you want to play like this at Wink Bingo? Firstly because it is free to play, and you simply play bingo as you normally would to earn points. Secondly, because you can win mega bingo points (Bps)! The prizes are:

1st Place 170,000 Bps

2nd Place 120,000 Bps 

3rd Place 70,000 Bps

4th Place 50,000 Bps

5th - 10th Place 15,000 Bps

Can you think of a better reason to play bingo at Wink?



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