Wink Bingo Pays Your Bills

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/12/2009 22:10

 Wink Bingo is already getting their promotions out for the New Year, and with good reason too. First off they have a Mini Cooper to give away on New Years Day and they are giving members good notice so they can earn Wink Points to get free tickets into the game. Each free bingo costs a fiver or 500 Wink points, so check out the site to find out all the different ways you can earn even more points than ever before. This is one game you cannot miss.

In the meantime, how would you like it if Wink Bingo were to pay your bills for a whole year? You would? Me too! To this end they are already advertising ways to get free tickets into this game too, but you have a little more time than with the Mini game. The £12 000 Bin the Bills game takes place on the 29th January 2010, this is a guaranteed prize, and it will be paid to the winner in monthly amounts of £1 000. Imagine the amount of bills this monthly amount will cover? And for a whole year too, it sounds just too good to be true!!

The game takes place at 9pm on the 29th in the “Wink Pays You £12K” bingo room and tickets cost a pound each. Of course if you earn points for certain activities, you will also earn free bingo tickets into this game, and you need a maximum buy-in to have a better chance of winning. If I am not mistaken you will need 100 Wink Points to buy one ticket into the game, and check out the site to see in what innovative ways you can earn more points to swap for these valuable bingo tickets. The pre-buy feature will enable you to start pre-purchasing your tickets ASAP, so take full advantage and spread out your buy-in.

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