Wink Bingo Mini Goes to Player “Kasiek”

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/01/2010 17:33

After a bit of a false start when the Wink Bingo new Years Mini game had to be postponed from the 1st January to the 10th January for some “technical” reason (whether this was with the site of the Mini, none of us know), the game was finally played on the 10th January which was on Sunday last. Now member “Kasiek” is the brand new owner of a brand new Mini Cooper and this game is over again for another year. This is the second time a Mini Cooper has been up for grabs during the Christmas and New Year festivities at the site, so let’s hope it becomes a long standing festive season tradition.

Now that is all a distant memory and the next game to concentrate on at Wink Bingo is the Bingo Pays your bills game which takes place on the 29th January. Barring any technical difficulties of course, and the winner will walk away from this game knowing that for the next 12 Months they will have an additional £1 000 a month to work with when it comes to paying the bills.

They can pay this into their mortgage to give them a break, or to build some equity. Pay credit card, hire purchase or other bills to become debt free, or actually spend it on whatever they like. It will be paid into their Wink Bingo account, so it is up to the winner to decide what to do with the money. Gosh, imagine starting the first month of the new Year off knowing that for an entire year an extra thousand pound a month will be available in the budget, what a lovely thought! If you think it is a lovely thought too, pay this site a visit, play some free bingo and spend your winnings on tickets into this game, they cost a pound each, but what a prize if you win!!

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