Wink Bingo Introduces Yet another Catchy Ad

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/09/2009 21:00
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By now you should have probably known about the Wink brand. It is one of UK’s hottest online bingo sites even though it has only been around for more than a year. In fact, on its first year, it has already garnered a lot of awards and recognitions. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Wink Bingo site has become a very popular one in the nation.

Wink Bingo is relatively new and while it is already popular to most online bingo players, they never stop advertising and trying to expand their market. Now, they have released yet another catchy advertisement that will surely attract a new market into the online bingo industry. Their latest ad features a dog, a Weimaraner breed, who dances with its owner after winning at an online bingo game. The ad starts with an online bingo player playing online bingo next to her dog. Then a message on her laptop pops up saying “Winner”. After that, a Wink Bingo caller tells the online bingo players “We have a winner”. Right then and there the online bingo player together with her dog jumps up excitedly from the sofa they are sitting on.

It gets better when the pair started dancing the Irish Dance. The dog started dancing clumsy but then gets the jiff. The dog then dances in an authentic Flatley style Irish dance. While this is being shown, a voiceover is reading the many benefits you get when you play at Wink Bingo. Well, this advertisement is simply showing how one can celebrate a Wink Bingo win. It can be with anyone you are with and in this case, the girl is celebrating with her dog. True enough the dog will surely catch a lot of attention. Even non-online bingo players will surely be attracted to watching the dog dance and that will eventually lead them curious as to what online bingo site Wink Bingo is all about. Now that’s certainly a smart ad, don’t you think?

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