Wink Bingo Becomes another Jewel in the Crown of 888.com

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/12/2009 14:09

As the sale of Wink Bingo to the well know 888.com Group has been approved and is destined to go through, this move will see the Group grow quite extensively in terms of market-share in the UK in particular. It didn’t come cheap, but then again pre-tax profits for this site were £1.3 million from revenues of £15 million over eleven months of 2009 to the end of November. So it is definitely a profitable concern.

This acquisition will close the gap between 888.com and other large online bingo industry operators as Wink Bingo has a memberships of 60 000 active players. If you are a Wink Bingo member, I don’t think you will need have many concerns, 888.com groups is an aggressively forward thinking company and their online bingo offering is just as good as Wink Bingo in terms of how members benefit and they also offer plenty of free bingo money.

Online bingo playing demographics are quite different from the land based industry, with the average age of players being 35 years and many of them professionals who are also degreed. Although the average deposit is still only a few pounds to get started the scope for growth makes it a very attractive market and a growth in the popularity of playing is expected to increase by 25% during 2010. This will be compounded as many more players from both Spain and Scandanavian countries are expected to take up the game.

In an unexpected turn of events, also in online bingo news, Facebook which enjoys the support of many online bingo sites and their fans has announced that advertising policies have been reviewed and advertising for bingo sites is to be scrapped. It is now considered to be “morally unacceptable” and joins a long list which includes all gambling activities, sex toys, pyramid schemes (I wonder if this includes MLM?), firearms, dating sites, pharmaceuticals and at one stage even dairy products??? Wink bingo already has 3 000 Facebook fans and sister site – Posh has 700.

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