Windicate will be Doubling Up this Week

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/09/2009 22:00
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Calling all Gala Bingo fans, the Windicate promotion is doubling up just for this week. This is an exciting offer that you should not miss. For those who are not familiar with the Windicate promotion at Gala Bingo, then you are missing a lot. Read on to learn about Windicate and the current promotion!

Gala Bingo has launched Windicate a few months ago. Bingo players are Gala Bingo can team up with fellow bingo players to increase their chances of winning. They are to create a Windicate team of their own that will allow all the team players to win something when one of the bingo teammate wins. This means that if your teammate wins bingo at the qualifying bingo games, then the rest of the team wins 50p each.

That’s not bad considering that you didn’t even win but still get some bingo money that you can use towards bingo tickets that can increase your chances of winning, let alone give you more chances of enjoying a bingo game.

This week however, Gala Bingo is offering a generous offer that will allow winning Windicate team members to win one pound instead of 50p! Now don’t you just want to take advantage of that offer? If you haven’t formed your Windicate team just yet, make sure to gather your team of five as soon as you can. In fact, you can even form various Windicate teams. You can be in multiple teams meaning you’ve got more chances of winning! There are more than one thousand Windicate games this week at Gala Bingo. So imagine if at least one of your teammates win once every day. And imagine if you belong to five Windicate teams! That’s going to be a lot of £1 winnings for you. In the end, even if you yourself don’t win anything, you can still bring home loads of cash!

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