Win an iPod Nano and iTunes Vouchers in Tonights TGI Friday Game at Sing Bingo

Win an iPod Nano and iTunes Vouchers in Tonights TGI Friday Game at Sing Bingo

Written by: Richard Sharp on 23/09/2011 08:55
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In a continuation of their X Factor promotions Sing bingo is gearing up for another hot memorabilia game this evening. Tonights game will giveaway an icon of modern music, one universally recognized as one of the greatest of all time. For once we are not talking about a person, but instead a piece of musical equipment which brings people joy the world over. Have you guessed what it is yet? An iPod of course :-).


Win an iPod Nano and iTunes Vouchers

The current generation of iPod Nano’s come in a variety of colours and includes a touch screen interface. Gone are the days of the click wheel as users can now access music using a number of onscreen options on something which isn’t much bigger than a large postage stamp.

You can listen to music, watch videos, view photos, listen to the radio and even hook the Nano wirelessly to you Nike trainers as a training partner. It truly is a great piece of kit and Sing bingo is giving one away complete with £25 worth of iTunes vouchers in tonights TGI Friday game.

TGI Friday, we love it…

Sing bingo has become our weekly hangout to signal the start of the weekend. The TGI Friday, AKA memorabilia game plays at 9PM with tickets costing 10p each. These can be pre-bought from the Sing Bingo lobby any time up until the game starts. The game is just one of the fantastic games which play throughout the evening, but is definitely one that shouldn't be missed. 

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