Win Alert Feature Fights Lottery Fraud in the UK

Win Alert Feature Fights Lottery Fraud in the UK

Written by: Glo Wood on 29/08/2012 00:15

A new feature called ‘Win Alert’ was created to limit fraud within the UK Lottery industry. It was developed to protect the consumer.

A recent incident involved a store clerk who attempted to claim a customer’s winning ticket as his own. The UK Lottery stepped in and decided to take preventative action against those with any thoughts of attempting a similar scheme.

This week the British national lottery operator Camelot announced Win Alert which will be added to lottery ticket machines in retail stores. This new functionality will make an audible alert when a winning ticket is scanned. The winner will know immediately when checking tickets. We can expect to see the new feature rolled out as soon as October of this year.

A Camelot spokesman said: “We’ve been developing a short ‘win’ sound that our terminals will make to let players know when their ticket is a winning one and we will be implementing this across our network of National Lottery terminals this autumn.”

The spokesman also suggests that players sign their winning tickets. In the event of a fraudulent claim, there is proof of ownership.

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