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Written by: kelly on 21/07/2010 08:20
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Bingo Hollywood is getting with the times and launching team bingo. They are also giving away two million Star Points (SP's) a week to the players in this tournament. If you are a member of the site, click on the link and sign up for a team, if you are already playing bingo, it won't cost you any extra to participate. So, make sure you do! Star Points are worth their weight in gold, because they can earn you a ton of free bingo.

Every time you call bingo during selected team bingo hours you will earn ten points for your team. The team which collects the most points during the week will win 1,250,000 SP'S. The second prize is 500 000 SP's and third prize is 200 000, the last place is fourth place and this team earns 50 000 SP's.

You need to play a minimum of 100 games at Bingo Hollywood during the weekend to qualify for a full share of the prize, and although this seems like a great deal of bingo, it's really not. Once you get playing you will have so much fun that the time will just fly by and with so many cheap games on offer, it won't break the bank either. Play less than 100 games and only half the prize will be yours and if you play less than 25 games a token award of 1000 SP's will be yours. Get involved today to play, this will mean you can get into next weekend event and who knows, you may be a couple of hundred star points richer by the end of the tourney. Bingo Hollywood is a fabulous site and everyone playing there is a star. Be the star you know you are and have great fun playing.

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