Win A Posh New TV to Watch the X Factor Tonight at Sing Bingo

Win A Posh New TV to Watch the X Factor Tonight at Sing Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 09/09/2011 16:55
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The X Factor is in full swing with the hit show Black or Red also filling our evening schedules at the moment. There is still plenty of time to fit in some bingo though, even if it means multitasking by watching tonights show and playing the themed Sing Bingo TGI Friday game. Tonights prize is a state of the art HD TV which is ideal for all the fab shows on at the moment.


The Prize

If you have been making use of a pokey 15inch ‘box’ shaped TV then this beauty will literally transform how you enjoy television. It’s got a super slim body and presents freeview HD pictures on its 19inch flatscreen. It’s made by Samsung which means it will be top draw, no more squinting at Ant and Dec or struggling to hear the best contestants on the X Factor - this prize is one that will keep on giving (seriously what did people do before TV?)

How to play…

The game plays at 9pm this evening with tickets costing 10p each, these can be bought before the game starts or pre-purchased from the Sing Bingo lobby now. The star prize is awarded to the player which bingos’ on the full house. Should more than one player win then a split cash prize will be awarded instead because it would be very difficult to split a television between multiple winners ;-).

What have you been watching on TV lately, have you been drawn in by the X Factor and Red or Black like we have? 

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