Win a Fantastic LA Trip with Posh Bingo

Win a Fantastic LA Trip with Posh Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 04/05/2011 09:05
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Los Angeles, eh? The City of Angels, the Entertainment Capital of the World, and the City of 35 Days of Annual Precipitation (not so snappy that last one). Now with Posh Bingo you too can see Hollywood, Bel Air and Randy’s Donuts.

Win a Trip to See the Stars!

What do we need to do to stand a chance of rubbing shoulders with the stars and seeing how the other half live? Well, the £3k LA game will be getting played at 9.45pm on Sunday the 3rd of July at Posh Bingo  Tickets cost a pound each but you can also try and get some free.

To get a free ticket you need 500 LA points and you can get your first 250 of those little fellows by firing off an email to the site explaining in less than 100 words where in LA you want to go to and why. You then scoop 100 points for saying who you would take with you and the reason behind this. Bingo on the star pattern and get 8 points. Bingo on any of the letters A, L or X and get 5 points. Wager a pound at bingo and get 2 points. Wager £20 on instant games and get 1 point.

We are also promised exciting Golden Ticket Weekends, where a free ticket can be won by bingoing on the – you guessed it – golden ticket pattern.

So what do you get if you win this Posh Bingo game? Well, apart from the £2500 trip you get £500 of spending money, so it looks like a fantastic trip to LA is on the cards for one lucky player.


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