William hill launches multi-play bingo rooms

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/03/2009 18:00
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William Hill Bingo continues to make a buzz in the world of online bingo. They are among the most popular online bingo networks in today’s generation and they are surely striving hard to maintain that image. They have been announcing a lot of updates in their website lately, and this week is no exception. William Hill introduces their bingo rooms with multi-play capabilities. Let’s take a look at this latest update from William Hill Bingo below.

Just this past week, William Hill launched the bingo rooms with their multi-play capabilities. This is a new feature, a first, in their bingo site. In just a short time that it has launched, William Hill Bingo is already reaping all the benefits of this feature. The multi-play bingo rooms have become so popular in just a matter of days, particularly with the regular online bingo players in William Hill Bingo. So what is it about multi-play bingo rooms that attract these online bingo enthusiasts? Let’s check out what this new feature has to offer.

In the multi-play bingo rooms, will allow you, the online bingo player, to be able to play four different bingo games in four different bingo rooms, all in one screen. Thus, you can play four bingo games and also get to increase your chances of winning. Their online bingo Variety Room is where you can find this feature. If you want to up your game and see if the more you play, the more you can win, then try this new feature from William Hill Bingo. Not only will you be able to play four different bingo games at one time, you will also be able to play a mini or instant game, and be able to chat with your online bingo buddies, all in one screen! That’s more freedom to us online bingo players! Now, we can multi-task without having to leave one screen!

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