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Written by: kelly on 31/05/2010 15:25
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WOW! There is a brand new promotion going at William Hill Bingo, but this is much more than a promotion this is “Superbooks”. It is the latest in a long line of bingo innovations at this site, so exactly what are Superbooks?

Superbooks will allow members to upgrade tickets in free bingo games to paid for tickets. But why on earth would anyone want to pay for tickets if this is a free bingo game? It is because it will allow you to win more money than the normal free bingo prize available in the game. These games will only appear in the private rooms, which means you will have generally been invited to play and they will also be indicated by a Superbooks symbol. Just like Superman was identified by an “S”, so too will Superbooks games at William Hill Bingo.

Depending on the game itself, you will be allowed to win anything up to 10 x as much as the advertised free bingo game prize. You will see by the tickets, they will either be marked as “Free x 5” or “Free x 10”. Everyone gets the same amount of tickets in a Superbooks game and you use the slider to upgrade your tickets. Choose how many you want to upgrade before the games begins and away you go. Tickets will show a “S” in the background, so you can see which bingo tickets have been upgraded.

Even if the prize is split at William Hill Bingo, you will still get your share multiplied by the Superbook upgrade you paid for. We have a feeling that this is really going to take off at other online bingo sites too. It is also new to Ladbrokes Bingo, so it will soon be catching on. Enjoy it at William Hill Bingo and be one of the first to benefit!

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