William Hill Bingo, High Rollers and Turbo Chargers

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/12/2008 09:00
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The William High Roller jackpot never drops lower than £5 000. This prize can be won when you call bingo in 42 numbers or less, and this is easily achievable. The High Rollers bingo game takes place in the Stars and Stripes room, and I suppose this is appropriate because the Americans really are high rollers when it comes to playing bingo. The Jewel Jackpot also offers a pretty dynamic prize, with a dazzling £2 500 on offer.

William Hill bingo is making some waves in the world of online bingo; they are offering serious jackpot prizes and a stunning Christmas promotion. The Money Mountain offers a magnificent £10 000 and this grows, and grows until someone eventually gets lucky enough to win the prize. Of course there is also the Turbo Charger to consider, no this is not a car part which will make your car go faster, although if you win you will definitely be able to have one fitted to your old banger if you like. In fact you could probably afford yourself a new car if you win the Turbo Charger! It is a £10 000 progressive jackpot which has to be won in 33 calls or less. This is never easy, but the longer it takes to be won the bigger the prize pot grows. The turbo Charger is played in the Speed Bingo Room and I expect this makes sense, considering the name of the game.

There are a huge amount of really worthwhile prize pots available at William Hill bingo, far too many for me to mention in this small space. But all of them are worthwhile, and as there are so many and we have so little time, I would suggest you get over to William Hill bingo and try for a little extra festive spending money.

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