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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/03/2010 21:55

I have a feeling that tomorrow at William Hill Bingo we will be in for some nice new surprises. This is the deadline date for you to upgrade your Flash software, so its pretty obvious that we shall be seeing some news stuff. If you are a member of the site and you haven't upgraded yours yet, make sure you do so. 

What I love about playing at William Hill Bingo is not so much that it is one of the big brand name bingo sites (although this is part of the reason). It is because you can participate in their gaming facilities across the board once you have registered a bingo or any other account with them.  

Not only this, but there are so many different games you can play, not only bingo. For example the scratchies; you can play Big bounty if you fancy becoming the new sheriff in town and taking home a whopping £20,000 when you catch the most wanted. And speaking of £20,000; Bingo Scratch also has this as prize money, while Ladies Night has a whopping £16,000 up for grabs. Imagine the great ladies nights you could have with that money. These and many other scratch card games feature at the site, together with a whole host of fun instant win games with huge cash prizes.  

The list of games at this site is a long as both my arms, with arcade games, progressive jackpot slots, five-reel slots, three-reel slots, multi-Player Slots, and we already mentioned the scratch cards. 

What about playing deal or No Deal bingo at William Hill? Money Mountain, Turbo Charger Jackpot - Speed Bingo and any of the other fantastic games they offer. Start playing with this site today, and make a deposit of a fiver to earn a fantastic £25 bingo bonus!

 William Hill Bingo

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