Will Bingo Save Accused Murderer?

Will Bingo Save Accused Murderer?

Written by: ava carson on 13/08/2012 15:40

A murder case that dates back to 1984 reopens after convicted murderer Denis Tanner claims he was not at the scene of the crime. Tanner an ex-cop heads back to court after claiming he could not of killed his sister in-law on the night of the murder because he was in Melbourne the day she died.

Ms. Tanner was found shot and killed in her Bonnie Doon home and Tanner is seeking to have his guilty charge overturned and a new inquest started.

His attorney Bob Galbally told the State Coroner Judge Jennifer Coate his client attended bingo in Middle Park Church, and two pubs on November 14 and could not have been in Mansfield where the crime took place.

Three eye witnesses confirm Tanner’s alibis including two former policemen. The hearing is ongoing.

The question on everyone’s mind is what took so long for his whereabouts to be confirmed. Did bingo really save the day? The verdict is still out.

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