White Stripes Relax By Playing Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/07/2007 09:00

It's not just ordinary people who play online bingo, celebrities play it too! We all know famous people play bingo. For example katie price, sharon osborne and many others love playing the game. However there is one group of people that we would never expect to find playing bingo - Rock stars! That is until now, the white stipes have admitted playing the game too.


The white stripes singer Jack White enjoyed an exciting game of bingo the night before his band started a gig in Canada. Jack spent the evening in a local bingo hall in Newfoundland and even managed to squeeze in a song. He sang 'good night Irene' to a local woman who incidently was called Irene.


Jack played a couple of hours of bingo whilst chatting with local bingo players, on lookers were happy to see him sharing bingo tips and soaking up pearls of wizdom from more seasoned bingo players.


However, the concert the following day was a very short one indeed. The band played a one second rendition as part of their to play in every province in Canada.


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