Welcome to the World of UK Online Bingo – Beacon Bingo is Here!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/11/2009 15:49

A new light shining in the world of online bingo in the UK has arrived, and it has arrived amidst a fanfare, as well as some completely new technology. I believe this technology is going to be admired with envious eyes too, because it is something so completely different. To be hones, I didn’t even look at what the site had on offer for prizes bonuses and promotions at this stage. I was so taken by the site itself. But I will look a bit later.

Beacon Bingo is part of the land based gaming operation Beacon Entertainment, they have 24 adult gaming centres and 6 bingo halls, and I can’t for the life of me understand whey they have taken so long to get their online bingo offering off the ground. They are also the owners of the largest bingo club in London and that is saying something. You may have heard of it “Beacon – Cricklewood”?

What the designers of this site have done with the help of media experts: The ideas Factory, is take two real life bingo hosts and filmed them on green screen in a television studio. Then they have miniaturised them and dropped them into fabric of the website and given us two walking talking guides to show us around the site, it is completely fascinating.

I am going to have to take a look back at the site and check for sure, but we can be pretty certain that the site will have all the ingredients it takes to become successful. I am expecting there to be great bonuses, free bingo games of course, lovely prizes and promotions and a brilliant game of bingo as well as other games. But take a look for yourself if you like, and see what you think.

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