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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/06/2009 04:00
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A couple of weeks ago, we learned about a pensioner who was barred from all the Mecca Bingo clubs in the UK. Remember Rosalyn Clemson? Yes, that’s her. She was banned from playing bingo at any of the Mecca Bingo clubs where she was a member for over 50 years! She has been a loyal bingo member of Mecca Bingo but was banned after she decided to try out the rival bingo club and invited some of her bingo friends there. Mecca Bingo took it seriously and she was truly devastated with Mecca Bingo’s actions. For months she was lonely and depressed. She’s already a senior and bingo is her pastime. All of her friends play at Mecca Bingo. And because of her ban, she wasn’t able to spend time with them anymore.

Good thing Ladbrokes Bingo came to the rescue and gave her more than she could ask for. Ladbrokes Bingo felt bad for what had happened to Rosalyn. And so what better way to help her than turning her into a Bingo ambassador! The ASBO Pensioner or Anti Social Bingo Order pensioner became the first ever Ladbrokes Bingo ambassador. So what does that mean for Rosalyn Clemson?

She gets to play online bingo for Ladbrokes Bingo but at the same time, she is acting as both a consultant and advisor on all the games and bingo promotions that Ladbrokes Bingo has. And of course, to help Rosalyn do the job, Ladbrokes Bingo gave her a brand new spanking laptop! Of course, if they want Rosalyn to play online bingo, then they would have to give her a computer to play in. But that’s not all there is to it. Ladbrokes is giving Rosalyn a monthly cash sum that will be deposited into her bingo account. And to spread the word to her friends, Ladbrokes is also giving her a brand new mobility scooter.

It was definitely great news to the seventy six year old Rosalyn. When asked, Rosalyn said that she couldn’t believe the kindness shown to her by Ladbrokes. Now, not only can she play her favorite game of bingo, but she also has a new job.

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