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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/04/2009 21:20
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This month expect a lot of great promotions from Sun Bingo, one of the leading online bingo networks in the UK. Recently, they have just given out a huge jackpot amounting to £50,000 to one of their online bingo players in their game of SNAP! To learn more about the lucky winner and their great promotions this month continue reading below.

It was Tina B from Sudbury, Sussex, who won the huge jack pot of £50,000. The online bingo regular was shocked to learn she had won such a massive amount of jackpot at Sun Bingo Online. She was playing at one of the most popular games of Sun Bingo which was called SNAP! So if you want to be as lucky as her then why not try playing the game too. You can also win huge guaranteed jackpots from Sun Bingo.

Soon Sun Bingo will be launching their new SNAP! game which only costs £2 but the prize money is a whopping £100,000. This is a great promotion that requires only a small amount of investment but certainly a huge return. Who would not want to be as luck as Tina B especially when the jackpot is double the amount that she just won. According to reports Tina B who’s username at Sun Bingo is “Tiddly”, she was stunned and could not believe how lucky she was to become the latest big winner at Sun Bingo. She has been playing online bingo for quite some time and like most players she never thought that she could ever win such a huge jack pot. For the lucky winner this is truly a blessing not just for her but for her whole family as well. She also mentioned that she will be saving a percentage of the money for the rainy days.

Aside from SNAP! bingo games expect £25,000 guaranteed prize money from their Bingo 90 games and £6,000 guaranteed prize for Mother’s Day.

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