Virgin Bingo 10% Loss Back Week

Virgin Bingo 10% Loss Back Week

Written by: Richard Sharp on 06/04/2011 20:25
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Playing online bingo is great but losing isn’t quite so much fun, is it? Well, the Virgin Bingo site is looking to take a bit of the pain out of losing by giving us back some of our losses.

Get Back Some of your Wagered Cash Even if You Don’t Win!

The promotion until Sunday the 10th of April on Virgin Bingo will give you a very nice 10% of your bingo losses on each day until then. Ah, but you need to know the special offer codes before you can claim back your money, and here they are.

Today (Wednesday 6th of April) = 10WEDNESDAY
Thursday = 10THURSDAY
Friday = 10FRIDAY (can anyone see a pattern develop here?)
Saturday = 10SATURDAY.
Sunday = (you guessed it) 10SUNDAY.

The money gets given back to you at the end of the day’s playing but you need to have registered the appropriate bonus code before you started wagering that day. The minimum that the Virgin Bingo site will refund you is a pound and the maximum is £50, although obviously you would need to have lost a pretty hefty £500 in order to qualify for this.

This looks like a great deal to us but it isn’t the only one currently on offer at Virgin Bingo. For example, once you open your account you get a 100% cash back bonus on the first £20 you spend.

The Virgin Bingo free bingo promo is still on the go as well. This runs until the 10th of April and takes place in the Shanghai Room between 4pm and 7pm every single day.

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