Virgin Bingo – Finish off the Year in Style!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/12/2009 22:12

What do “Batfink147”, “Sagbag”, “nobblerchops”, “deadwood” and “fishface” all have in common? They are all members of Virgin Bingo and they are all winners in the twelve days of Christmas promotion.  But these are not the only winners’, every day for 12 days there was between 1 – 9 winners of these prizes, so I should imagine that a whole lot of the members of this site are feeling dead chuffed with themselves right about now.

According to Virgin Bingo they are finishing off the New Year with a massive linx game, but I would say they are starting the New Year off and they have a prize of £20,000 cash - guaranteed in a game taking place on Sunday the 27th December, and winning this prize, or any part of it would be a rather marvelous way to end the Christmas Weekend, don’t you think?

Because it is a 90 ball bingo game there are three prizes, one line, two lines and the full house of course and these pay £2,000, £4,000 and a huge £14,000 respectively. If by a very narrow chance, one player happens to have all the luck on their side and they land a hat trick, the prize money will be theirs in its entirety. Imagine an extra twenty grand in your pocket to start the new decade with, it could set the tone for the next ten years; it makes my toes curl just thinking about it! But you have to be in it to win it and you can’t buy a ticket if you aren’t a member of Virgin Bingo.

Tickets only cost 50p each, the game plays at 10:30pm and it takes place in the Necker Island bingo room. Now you have all the details, all you need to do is sign up and buy your tickets. Good luck and a may Father Christmas (or Virgin Bingo) make all your dreams come true this festive season.

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