VIP of the Month Award at Tidy Bingo

VIP of the Month Award at Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 15/02/2015 16:00
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We all know and love Tidy Bingo as they provide us with a constant stream of exclusives, offering us something above and beyond all of the other brand on the 15 Network. This sometimes blinds us to the fact there is a lot more going on though, because the network itself always make sure there is a good range of promotions on the go too with the likes of free bingo, prize bingo, a loyalty scheme and even a Lucky Lotto running on a month to month basis. They have now added something new though, a little extra reward for one lucky player, a VIP of the Month award.

What you need to remember is that this is a network wide promotion, so you will not only be competing against other Tidy players, but also those on the other twenty two brands that make up the 15 Network. To join in the fun you have to log into your Tidy Bingo account and ensure that your email address is correct. At the start of each month you will receive a special bonus that has to be entered when you come to make a deposit. From this point forward they will start rewarding you with points:

5 points for every £1 deposited

1 point for every £1 wagered on any games

At the end of each month, the person that is sitting atop of the leaderboard will win a prize. Unfortunately we can't tell you what that prize is just yet though, as they are keeping that information to themselves until the first winner is announced. The good news is that this new VIP of the Month award is not replacing Tidy Bingo's Roomie of the Month, so as a Tidy player you will benefit from two chance to win a prize each month instead of just the one!

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