Understanding the Meaning Behind Tombola Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/01/2010 14:36

Wikipedia tells us there are a number of meanings for the word “Tombola” and all of them are in a way relevant to the Tombola Bingo site. Remember when they used to welcome you to the site with the words “welcome to our Tombola Island”? Well the name is a derivative of tombolo which is an attached island formed by wave action and erosion, it is also a popular raffle used in both the UK and Italy and Operation Tombola was a World War II Allied operation which took also place in Italy. All of these references seem to have relevance to this site and I wonder if you know just how clever they have been in naming it?

In reference to the last descriptive a “WW II Allied operation” you can in fact let the battle begin at Tombola Bingo when you play Battleships, and reenact this operation if you feel like it. “xxmariexx’ from Dewsbury did and she was the winner of £500 in Battleships and very grateful fro the win too. She said that her winnings came in very handy for this expensive time of the year, lucky gal that she is!

Battleships at this site is a very close relative to the game we used to play as children, only you have to be over 18 to play and like “xxmariexx” you can win money doing so. You have to position your ships within the grid and let the enemy have it with your missiles and each game costs 50p. If you can sink all four battle ships in 15 missile or less you win as much as £2,500, and the prize obviously drops pro-rata, depending on the number of missiles you use. There is no other UK bingo site where you can play this game, so its eyes down and let the battle commence.

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