Ultimate Bingo Champion Used Coal as Good Luck Charm

Ultimate Bingo Champion Used Coal as Good Luck Charm

Written by: Richard Sharp on 14/11/2011 08:05
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Over the past few months Gala Bingo players have been battling it out in the bingo halls for a place in the Ultimate Bingo Championship finals. Last week that day finally came and the eventual winner was the one and only Roy Stokes.

We say one and only because he is the eventual winner of the Championships which spanned six months. Not only has Roy won the coveted title but will also receive £20,000 in prize money and a once in a lifetime trip to Las Vegas. In fact Roy struck it lucky twice as he’d won £10,000 earlier in day.

The barrage of usual questions where presented to Roy who was clearly thrilled with his win. He said, “My wife, Linda, would love a new kitchen so I’m going to treat her to that and we have three children and two beautiful granddaughters who I am looking forward to spoiling for Christmas.”

During the interview Roy was asked if he had any tricks or lucky charms during the final. He explained, “I don’t have any lucky numbers but my wife had two lucky charms with her at the finals. One charm was a piece of coal which she has kept in her purse ever since her mother passed away (the charm was owned by her mum and it’s an old wives tale that keeping a piece of coal in your purse is meant to bring you good luck). The other was a necklace which our granddaughter made for her and Linda took it with her to the regional jamborees where she won her place to the finals”.

Roy was a die hard fan of Gala bingo before the big win, a fact which will surely be cemented from now on. He said, “The organization of their events is outstanding and there is a great team support amongst the staff. We have made many friends here. I’m just impressed by everything”! 

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