UK Preparing Kids to Gamble?

UK Preparing Kids to Gamble?

Written by: ava carson on 09/01/2012 15:50

In an effort to educate children about gambling, the United Kingdom is considering a proposal from GamCare claiming it will prepare children 12 and up for the adult world of safe gambling. One can only wonder if it will encourage underage gambling. Seriously what in the world are they thinking?

Once a child gets a taste for gambling will they really sit back and wait until they are of age? Gamblers are seduced with the fascination and the thrills that gambling offers. The prospect of winning the “big one” looms in everyone and playing in a game of chance is the temptation that drives them. As the endorphins set off in the brain like brilliant fireworks in the sky so does the desire to keep right on playing.

A mature gambling knows their limits and the risk factors of going a bit too far with a bankroll that doesn’t match the desire. Teaching 12 years olds how to play safely will backfire like a loaded gun. These children are being encouraged to gamble once they reach adulthood and if the proposal passes, the government will benefit with the revenue it will generate for a new generation of adult thrill seekers.

Gambling is a freedom that every adult should have the right to decide in their own time in their own way and for most it is for entertainment purposes where they know their limits. Instilling the idea of gambling in children when many may have never even given it a thought is ludicrous.

Opponents are ready to do battle criticizing the proposal as paving the way for problem gamblers. Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling commented that it mirrors what is happening in the United Sates.

"We have state lotteries in this country that are running programs on the Internet, Facebook, and so forth that are really encouraging people not just to gamble, but to teach them how to gamble," Bernal notes. "And the notion that this is a government program actually encouraging people to learn how to lose their money on government-run gambling games, it symbolizes more than any other issue what's broken about American government today."

"What you see … in the U.K. and elsewhere in our country here in terms of what government's daily voice is is its lottery advertising and casino advertising, and it needs to change," the Stop Predatory Gambling spokesman contends. "If we want to get our country going in the right direction, we've got to get government out of the gambling business."

By suggesting that the UK government “get out of the gambling business” after stating “what is broken about American government”, is nothing more than a double standard. While condemning US government policy on gambling, particularly in the case of online gambling the resolution to the matter is the same as US policies and would only serve to ban it. Keeping the government out of the gambling business would only suppress the freedom of the UK people.

This is not a debate on adult gamblers so let’s not lose sight of the real issue at hand. Underage gambling should not be encouraged nor should any child be taught that once they do become adults they should gamble.

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by: truckman over 10 years ago
this article caught my eye. i just cant believe it. very wrong thats for sure